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We're a small family owned and operated business as we firmly believe in our core values of putting care and heart into every bike chair attachment. It all started with our youngest son who has severe, non-verbal autism. It was heartbreaking and discouraging when we would get together for family activities (such as bike-riding), and he wasn't able to participate.


Children's bike attachments were just too small to accommodate him, and he's not able to stay seated and pedal on a tandem bike (or steer his own adaptive bike). This got us brainstorming. We wanted something that would allow him to join us, in a way that would be safe and fun. The idea of having our son positioned in the front, where we could keep an eye on him, was ideal. This sparked the initial blueprints for our bike chair attachments! Careful and well-thought planning has gone into our design to ensure high-quality and functionality. After rigorous testing and planning, the first chair attachment was complete! We'll never forget the beautiful look of joy on our son's face as he sat in his chair. We were finally able to ride together as a family - and it was wonderful.

We're so excited to be able to offer our attachments to others, and hope it brings countless smiles and memories. Our chair attachments are proudly made in the USA.

From beginning to end, our bike chair attachments are custom crafted with care.

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