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School Book-signing Events & Speaking Engagements

Aya ia still booking for private/school signing events. She is also booking for speaking engagements, panels, and workshops.


Public Book-signing Events


For the remainder of 2019, Aya will not be scheduling public book-signing events. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, Aya has requested time to focus on writing.



Press and Public - Please read below

Contact Aya Knight

Aya welcomes messages from the press, event coordinators, and readers.


Whether you're looking to book an event, or just dropping in to say 'hello', fill out the box to the right.


Please note: While Aya loves receiving messages from readers, she's no longer able to respond to every message.


If you are reaching out for business purposes and have not heard back within 2 weeks, please re-send your message. There are occasions where the 'spam monster' will gobble up messages.



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