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Wheel / Fork Guide

Please follow the below instructions to attach the bike forks to the sides of your chair frame. If you have any questions, please contact us - we're happy to assist!



What it looks like on arrival

When you open your package, you'll find 2 bike forks (with the wheels attached). Please see the image for reference. The little 'cap' on top, as well as the circular pieces that slide off are called a 'headset'

*The pieces with the
RED arrow pointing to them will be removed in Step 2. The piece with the BLUE arrow pointing toward it will stay in place.


Remove the headset pieces

Using a 5mm Allen key (included in your hardware as of 5/30/2022) remove the headset pieces that had a RED arrow pointing to them in Step 1 from the bike fork. 
*NOTE: Remember the order that you remove them, as you'll be putting them back on in that same order.



Slide it into the frame

With the headset removed, slide the fork into the tube on the side of your chair frame.

*Your forks will have the wheels already attached for you. Please do not remove the wheels during this process. The images on this guide do not have them installed for the purpose of providing a better visual on installation of the forks.


Re-attach the pieces

Using the same order in which you removed the pieces, you'll now put them back on.



Tighten it up

Using your 5mm Allen key, tighten the top of the headset until it's secure in place.


Repeat on the other side

You're all set! Repeat the process on the other side to complete installing your forks/wheels onto the chair frame.

IMPORTANT: Your tires will arrive only 1/3 full of air. This is to prevent popping during shipment. Please be sure to use a standard bike pump and fill the remaining air until the tire is firm (to 35 PSI) before riding.



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