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Measurement Guide

In order to ensure that your chair attachment fits great with your bicycle, we do require a couple fast and easy measurements.
Important: Please double check your measurements for accuracy or this could result in your chair attachment not fitting properly. 
*We are not responsible for bike chair attachments that do not fit due to incorrect measurements. The tail piece of the bike chair (the part that attaches from the chair frame to your bicycle) will be crafted to the measurements you provide us. An additional replacement tail piece crafted with new measurements will be $50 plus shipping.

Bike Components.JPG

Please refer to this image for bike terminology, and a visual on where to measure.

Image credit: Wikipedia

step 1.jpg


Measuring From the Welds

Using your measuring tape, start from the weld of your Top Tube and measure out (toward the rear of the bike) from the center of the tube. You will measure 3/4" back (as seen in the picture), and mark it with a marker or tape. You will repeat this same process on the Down Tube.


Marking your Measurements

Once you're done measuring, it should look something like this. You'll want to have marked 2 dots as a guide to help you accurately measure in the next step (which is important to help ensure your chair attachment will fit correctly)

step 2.jpg
step 3 meaurement 1.jpg


Measuring the Distance

Using your marked dots, you'll now measure from the Top Tube to the Down Tube. Please look carefully and double-check as this measurement is important. We will need to know the measurement from one dot to the other (the distance of the two tubes from your markings). As you can see in the reference image, this bike's tube distance would be two inches.


The Head Tube

Last, but not least will be measuring the Head Tube. At the front of your bike, measure from one side of the Head Tube to the other (Do not wrap the measuring tape around the tube. You only need to hold it at the front, as seen in this reference image). As you can see in the picture, this bike has a Head Tube width of  1 and 1/4".

step 4 measurement 2.jpg


Please be sure to e-mail us these measurements by the start of your bike's production date.

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