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Book Review - Terry Cronin's, The Skinvestigator (Detective Mystery)

So, after many months (yes, it takes me an incredibly long time on average to finish a novel) I've finally finished The Skinvestigator (Tramp Stamp)! I picked up my copy when seeing the completely awesome Terry Cronin last year at MegaCon 2013.

The story itself is about a dermatologist, Harry Poe, who is pulled into a murder case by his good friend who works for the police department. Harry must investigate the case involving a mysterious tattoo. Having no prior training with solving crimes (let alone a murder), he is thrown completely out of his element as he tracks the 'footprints' left behind.

Cronin's in depth knowledge about dermatology and skin-care really brought this story to life. But then again--the author 'is' an actual doctor; a dermatologist to be exact! He utilized his knowledge of the field in a way that came off as entertaining, and fit right into the plot. (Heck, I even learned a few things along the way!)

There were times as I was reading, where I would wonder why the story would trail back in time to events in Dr. Poe's life that had already occured. But, it all unravels masterfully as the peices fall into place.

Overall, the story kept me hooked, wanting to know what was going to happen, and 'why' the murder occured. Cronin has a genuine talent for creating engaging and entertaining dialogue. The story can go from suspenseful to witty without warning--and it works! I already have my copy of the next book in The Skinvestigator series (Rash Guard) and am looking forward to what happens next for Harry Poe.

Terry Cronin - The Skinvestigator
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