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  • Aya Knight

Florida SuperCon 2015

I had a blast at SuperCon 2015. Met a lot of wonderful new people, and saw familiar faces that truly make my time there worth it. During the con, I pre-released the latest (and final installment) in The Chronicles of Kale series (Breath of Light). It's a very humbling feeling to have individuals come up, eager and ready to read the conclusion to the series. I've poured blood, sweat, and tears into the novels (Okay, maybe not blood!). The main characters are very special to me, and it's bittersweet to have Kale's journey come to an end.

My writing is far from over though! Check back in the near future for updates on upcoming work.

Over the years, I've received a multitude of questions from aspiring writers. This has inspired me to begin work on a writing guide, which will be filled with personal tips and information on the writing process and publishing.

Thank you, to everyone at SuperCon this year for making it extra special!

The Miami Ghostbusters were hot in pursuit to capture any ghost or ghouls that might be present.

A family reunion! It was an incredible surprise to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins at the con!

I always enjoying seeing Jennifer and Connie. Keep an eye out for them, they usually run a vendor booth at the convention packed with goodies!

Met a writer who had an abundance of great information and background experience. It was a great pleasure chatting with him!

At the end of it all, before heading back home, I stopped at a little Mexican restaurant in South Beach. I got a laugh out of the hot sauce: "Shit's so Hot it will F-U up!"

So, naturally I had to taste it.

"F-me up" indeed...It was hot as hell. But, the food was good! :)

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