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A Simple to Use Book Banner and Ad Creator - Book Brush Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Don't have Photoshop? No problem! Or maybe you do, but still want a faster solution to create stunning ads and banners to help promote your book? Look no further than Book Brush!

I stumbled across the name while researching marketing ideas. While there's other drag and click editing programs out there, I loved that this was specifically designed with books in mind.

I was able to create this within minutes using Book Brush. Save 15% with the code: AYAKNIGHT15

Editing Made Easy.

In the past, I've had to pay for most of the ads created for my books (or attempt creating them myself, which never ended well and gave off a very unprofessional appearance). Book Brush is so user-friendly that any skill level can dive right in. They even have pre-made templates you can use if you're having a difficult time deciding on design elements or placement. To add icing on the cake, you can refine and target the type of templates you want to see by book genre, size, or social media platform. There's also a library of more than 1 million background images to choose from if you don't have your own on-hand.

Image credit: Book Brush

Another feature I've been making use of is the 3-D book generator. The process is fast! Upload your book cover, choose the 3-D cover you like the best, and voila! You have a 3-D cover for your banner or ad. The below image is just a portion of the styles offered.

Image credit: Book Brush

In addition to creating images for book marketing, there's also a video creator. I've yet to dive deep into this feature (I'll create another post once I do). But from what I've seen through videos, it's a simple tool that can enhance photos with effects. For example, you can make it look like snow is falling on a banner advertisement. It doesn't appear to be a creator to make actual video book trailers or anything of that sort. None the less, it's a cool little impact statement that can help draw attention to whatever you're promoting.


Book Brush offers a free and paid version. There's a few differences between the two tiers including:

  • FREE: Make up to 3 images per month | PAID: Unlimited images

  • FREE: Limited access to design features and fonts | PAID: Access to all templates, stamps, fonts, etc. And the ability to upload your own fonts.

  • FREE: No video creation tool | PAID: 5 credits to use on video creation each month So what's the cost?

If you do decide to take the leap (which I recommend) and invest in the paid membership, it'll cost you $8 / month which is paid upfront for the year. Unfortunately, I didn't see an option to pay by the month, so you'll pay $96 upfront. With that said, you're getting a year of stress-free design tools to use for any of your book marketing campaigns or website graphics. For me, I'll save in the long run by not having to pay anyone else to create each design. And, I'll have the results fast - on demand and ready to roll out any time I need content. I would've enrolled just for the convenience factor alone.

If you'd like to save 15%, be sure to use the Book Brush promo code: AYAKNIGHT15

You can find more information by visiting the official Book Brush website:


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